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Gmail Spam Filter

Log into your Gmail account

1.  Top, right hand corner, click on the "gear" icon

2.  Click on "Settings"

3.  Click on the "Filters" link

4.  Click on the "Create a new filter" link

5.  In the "From" box, type in @sashme.com

6.  Click the "Create filter with this search" link

7.  Check box for "Never send it to Spam"

8.  Check box for "Also apply filter to ___ matching messages"
(This box may not appear, if you do not already have emails from @sashme.com)

9.  Click the "Create filter" button.


Gmail drop-downADD US TO YOUR CONTACTS:  It is also very helpful if you add sales@sashme.com to your Gmail contacts.  It is very simple to do:

  1. Open your Contacts list by clicking Gmail in the top-left corner of your Gmail page, then choose Contacts. If you are a Google Apps user, click Mail and then Contacts. Contacts are also available at www.google.com/contacts.
  2. Click the New Contact button in the top-left corner.
  3. Enter your contact's information in the appropriate fields. Any information you add will save automatically.

Note: These instructions only work with the standard view of Gmail. If they don't match what you see, upgrade to a supported browser or go to the standard view by clicking standard at the bottom of your Gmail page.